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In order to comply with current and ever changing airline regulations and the requirements of national legislation, we need each traveller to provide us with the details requested in the following form.

By providing Advanced Passenger Information the security of both domestic and international commercial air travel is enhanced, through the use of improved watch-list matching.

It is important that you complete all passenger details via this web site, even if you have already supplied this information direct to the airline with whom you are travelling.  Failure to provide these details to us will result in the non-issuance of your flight tickets.

If you are travelling to the United States of America or Canada, please be aware that Advanced Passenger Information does not replace the Electronic Travel Authorisations required for these countries, which must still be arranged.

Your ETA can be arranged at:

United States of America:



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To further enhance the enjoyment and convenience of your travel experience please provide WDT Corporate Travel with the information requested on this and the following pages:

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