16 - May : 2019

Indian budget airline IndiGo is looking at launching 'affordable' business class flights to Europe, possibly via Istanbul.

The airline already flies to the Turkish city and is considering extending its reach into continental Europe, including London, with one-stop services.

IndiGo said it is in talks with Airbus for long-range, narrow body jets. CEO Ronojoy Dutta said it was contemplating putting in a 'large' order.

Dutta said the airline might overhaul its product away from no-frills pricing. "Once you get to six, seven, eight hours, the body gets tired, people need to use the washrooms more, people need to eat more frequently, all of those things change," he added.

"We have to redesign our product. Is it more pitch, is it more food, is it more hot towels, is it a business class?"

However, he said getting the price of the service right was key, as India is 'the world's most price-sensitive market'.

His comments came just weeks after Jet Airways, India's second largest airline, grounded all its flights, including those to the UK and the rest of Europe, leaving thousands of passengers stranded.

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