03 - Dec : 2018

Delta Air Lines has announced Detroit will be its second international hub to implement facial recognition tech.

The biometric software allows for a speedier passenger flow, eliminating the need to show passports at several points from check-in to boarding.

Passengers can register online with their passport number when checking in and then their face is scanned at various checkpoints that would normally require them to show passports and boarding passes.

The airline has been testing the tech at Detroit since the summer.

"Detroit is a very important international hub for Delta. We connect passengers to points all over the world," said Trebor Banstetter, a director of communications at Delta.

"In addition to making the travel process a lot smoother, it actually is a security benefit as well, because it's very good at matching the face to the photograph that's on file with the passport," Banstetter added.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport's Terminal F last week became the first 'biometric terminal' for international passengers.

Delta has been gradually rolling out the tech there in phases since October.


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